About this blog

I’m a Chartered Tax Advisor, working in practice advising individuals and small/medium-sized businesses on all aspects of their tax affairs.

I’m keen to make sure that people pay the right amount of tax. I don’t aim to minimise it by complex avoidance schemes, but then I also try to make sure that HMRC don’t start charging more than they ought to.

It’s the latter that has prompted this blog. A lot of people complain about abuse of the tax system by big businesses and wealthy individuals, but not so many seem to be bothered by the way that HMRC often uses it to get more tax than seems justified by the spirit of the law.

So I’d like to provide some sort of counterpoint to the view that abuse is all one-way.

I’d also like a platform to comment on the wider tax avoidance debate, which is arguably off-topic but I’m regarding it as ancillary to the main supply, as it were.


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